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My daughter having heart murmur :(

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PostSubject: My daughter having heart murmur :(   Tue Jun 25, 2013 9:43 pm

Dear Doctors,
My daughter(38 days old) having a heart murmur. When consulted to a cardiologist, a small hole was visible when taking echo test. Doctor was saying, its very small, nothing to worry, can be a innocent one. She is our first child and we are very worrying for her. Below is the comments I found in the echo diagnosis file.

MV AV Normally related, no MR, no AR, LA LV normal, RA RV normal, IAS intact SMALL SUBAORTIC VSD, No flow seen, No PDA.

And doctor was saying to consult after 3 months. Anything to worry about? Please share more information on this.

NB: Doctor we consulted was a senior cardiologist in Trivandrum, not a Pediatric Cardiologist.
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My daughter having heart murmur :(

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